Op-ed by Alex Cozma (USR Tineret)

As young men and women, we have been dubbed as the ”pandemic generation” and we’ve seen how the world can fully stop in a matter of weeks. During our lifetimes, we have witnessed two major crises that fundamentally changed the paradigm of how we know life around us. And we’re still going on. That’s the kind of resilience I look up to whenever I think about the power of the young people. Now, please do a mental exercise. Suppose we’re putting our minds and coordinate our actions in order to achieve a goal that our predecessors couldn’t do. Say, a world in which you don’t worry about buying food with E’s, or a world in which you can take a stroll on Wisła’s banks in Kraków or on Thames’ banks in London and breathe clean air. Yes, a greener, environmentally-friendly Europe. Our Sustainable Europe. 

 We are young leaders from all around Europe, coming from all walks of life, and we thought about not just imagining this future, but acting concretely to enforce it. Launching the most ambitious survey addressed for teens, we want to hear from you how we can change our lifestyles in a manner that saves our planet. Whether we’re talking about using alternative means of transportation or enforcing through the European Commission a set of policies, the youth impact on green initiatives is highly influential. I am happy that most of the actual politicians have understood the significance of a green Europe and that there is a great deal of support for decarbonising the EU, mainly through the EU Green Deal. I can’t stress enough the importance that we have to accord to environmental issues because it’s about the future in which we’ll be the ones leading our communities, and seeing the dramatic risks the world is confronting with, it’s high time we take action and ensure a framework upon which we can define our future. We’ve proven before that we’re capable of adapting even in the most challenging times, as I’ve mentioned earlier, therefore our capacity of resilience only shows us the capacity of resilience facing change. And change we want. A change of industrial practices, a change of transportation ways, a change for the best.